måndag 23 januari 2012

Atheism. A theism- the non-belief in a deity.

I am what you may call - an aggressive atheist.
What is the meaning of that? Do I secretly or openly hope that someone will shoot the pope like some  christians do with abortion doctors? Do I secretly or openly hope that some atheist will blow up the embassy of some theocratic country?
No, I dont. Honestly. I dont.
What it means, to me, (lets face it, athesim is in a way just like religion, it is, what you make it, there is probarbly just as many ways to be an atheist as there is atheists, just like it is as many christian views on life as it is christians) is that i feel offended when people blaim or give credit to their god for what ever may happen in their life.
Dont get me wrong- Im not aggressive towards your average christian, jew och muslim. You know the kind that just live their life and in a shy (covardly?) way, sortb of pray and/or "believe" in something greater than this. Those pepole i couldnt care less about. They dont bother me, and I dont bother them. We all live in this world an and we need to get along.
My problem is with the more hardcore believers. The aggressive believers. The ones that claim that they speak for god, that they know what he wants, that god hate fags (their words).
Peolpe like the pope and his minions, some Imams of the islamic faith. The jews are pretty chill as far as i know. Probarbly for two reasons- They have in a way been around for a couple thousand more years, and that there is aprox 15000000 jews, compare that with around 1,5 biljon muslims and christians (of each)
And maybe three reasons, that the jews have already had their aggressive period, read the old testament, they killed alot of people, mostly themselfs.

Why do i physicly hate the pope and people like him? Simplest reason of all- They are assholes. If you claim to be gods left hand, youd better 1: Prove it. And prove it good! 2: Live the part. Dont rape kids, kill people who doesnt agree with you and so on. Thats all i ask.

Another example is the duchebag Ted Haggard. Preacher, rich bastard from fooling the fools (i dont really care if stupid people looses money, i just dont like someone getting rich claiming to know god) This total A-hole is gods best friend, but suddenly he gets caught buying sex from a male prostitute. And being addicted to meth.
Is he punished, outcasted from hes flock? No, he pulls some story about being possesed by the devil. And the morons forgive him.

These are two small reasons why im aggressivly atheistisc. And there is more.

I cant say that i idolise, but i do admire people like Richard Dawkings, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, rest in peace.
Even the comic and known atheist Bill Maher. These men ( i havent yet heard or read about known Atheist women, im looking though) are, what i want to be. Well spoken, well educated and smart.
I realise that some people might disagree, but then again, i dont really care what angry christians think.

Two weeks ago i was looking at clips on youtube about atheism. And someone had written- Richard Dawkings will die soon etc etc. So i just hade to answer that - When he dies, then another of us will pick up the baton and continue the fight for thinking fon one self.
And his answer to that, sort of sums it up- He said: "Well if you are an atheist the why dont you and your friends make a porno where you are gangbanging your sister"
I just couldnt let this one pass me by unnoticed. so i wrote - "well thats a very christian answer"

So in short- I dont believe in any god, the only way ill even accept that god might excist, if he actually pull a moses on me. Talk to me thru a burning bush.

And the thing i like most with not believing in a god, is that it makes me a better person. I do not believe that humans deserve to be punished for not believing or for driving a car on saturdays or anything other crazy stuff.

Be good. Stay clean. And stay away from drugs and deitys ;)

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